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The Motherhood Moon Circle

Atlanta's Mom Group designed for Black Pregnant Women, Mothers, and Sistas curated by our founder and Black Atlanta Birth Doula, Evonna N. Christmon, affectionately known as The Motherhood Healer. 

Our Story

These divinely aligned circle of new, first time, and soon to be moms gather bi-monthly to learn an abundance of techniques and healing modalities from Maternal Health, Spirituality, to Black Sustainability! We offer bi-monthly meetups, circles, and wellness initiatives for mothers, pregnant people, and women preparing for future pregnancy. Our sisters learn maternal wellness, womb health, stress reduction techniques, black self sustainability, mindful movement, and more!


This circle was created by Birth Doula, Evonna N. Christmon, to create space for women to come together and offer sustainable solutions for women navigating uncharted territory as a newly pregnant person or postpartum mom. Evonna stated, “Our circle creates a brave space for black women to commune and learn together, prepare meals together, grow, share information, and cultivate their own relationships and network of other moms to be.” She goes on to say, “I hope to inspire more black women to join our Motherhood Moon Circle and leave feeling more confident and empowered to work with the ebbs and flows of transitioning into motherhood.”


To learn more about who we are and how you can join, Fill out the ‘Let's Connect’ tab below and someone will reach out to you!

Our Mamas Say

"I felt like I was surrounded by royalty! I thoroughly enjoyed being around likeminded moms in my age group. I'm looking forward to meeting those moms and babies again."

Charisse, First Time Mom

Image of a radiant black pregnant woman in a vibrant garden, embodying strength, beauty, and the transformative journey of motherhood.

Our Upcoming Motherhood Experiences & Talks

Image: Monthly Wellness Hike with Earthside with Evonna Birth Services. Join our community of strong black women as we come together for monthly wellness hikes. Embrace the power of sisterhood, nature, and holistic well-being on our enriching journeys towards health and connection.
Image: Help A Sista Out Virtual Mom Talk by Earthside with Evonna Birth Services. Join our empowering virtual sessions focused on holding space for new moms. Connect, share, and find support in the company of fellow mothers. Elevate your postpartum journey with our compassionate community.
Image: Baby Meet & Greet by Earthside with Evonna Birth Services. Experience the joy of connecting with other moms and meeting adorable babies in a warm, supportive environment. Join our gatherings to share experiences, build community, and celebrate the beauty of motherhood.
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