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Our Doulas 

Welcome to The Motherhood Healing Collective, where our doulas are the heart and soul of our mission. Our team of dedicated and experienced birth professionals embodies the essence of nurturing care, unwavering support, and holistic wisdom. They are the pillars of strength for our community and the guiding lights for pregnant families in their transformative journeys. Our doulas are more than experts; they are the guardians of your birthing experience, ensuring it's a journey filled with empowerment, positivity, and profound healing. We invite you to meet our exceptional team and experience the holistic care that defines The Motherhood Healing Collective. 

Meet The Doulas

Tiffany Napier, a dedicated Birth Doula trained by DONA, skillfully captured by Bemashing. Offering unwavering support and expertise to families on their birthing journeys.

I'm Tiffany—an unwavering companion on your birthing journey. Originally hailing from Jersey, my path led me through the warmth of Michigan before finding its home in the heart of Georgia in 2016.

Beyond being a wife and mother to a radiant source of joy, I've immersed myself in the transformative realms of birth and postpartum doula work. This journey, sparked by the radiant inspiration of my own daughter, unfolded under the esteemed guidance of DONA International.

In my quest for wisdom, I've delved into holistic and alternative therapy workshops, prenatal and postnatal yoga, breastfeeding support initiatives, and the intricate art of placenta encapsulation—all under the nurturing mentorship of the incredible Evonna.

Central to my approach is a dedication to holistic birth preparation. Through affirmations, aromatherapy, sound therapy, visualization, and acupressure, I aim to craft an experience that transcends the ordinary. These tools, rooted in personal experience, empirical evidence, and collaborative research, have shown a significant impact in minimizing the need for interventions.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each birthing journey, my commitment as your doula is to ensure your distinctive desires are not only acknowledged but beautifully met. I am here to empower, support, and advocate for you, partnering with an unwavering commitment to educate and prepare your devoted companions for the beautiful marathon that is childbirth.

In my role, I pledge to stand by you through every nuance of your birth plan, adapting with grace to any unforeseen shifts during labor. Moreover, my support extends into the often-overlooked fourth trimester, ensuring you and your family receive indispensable care for a seamless transition.


Beyond the world of doulahood, my passion lies in the belief that every birthing person deserves a sanctuary of support, understanding, and guidance. It's this passion that fuels my journey, and I am truly honored to share it with you.

Jennifer Thompson, a certified VBAC Doula through BADT, based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. A dedicated doula bringing unwavering support and transformative care to families on their birthing journeys. Images by Bemashing

I'm Jennifer Thompson, and my journey as a Doula is intricately woven with the art of supporting VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) journeys—a sacred focus close to my heart.

Embarking on the path of Doula work is not just a profession for me—it's an intrinsic connection to the realms of spirit, holistic care, and transformative change.

My initiation into Doula work was birthed from the profound experience of bringing my third child into the world in 2018. Prior to this, advocacy was already etched into my essence—I stood as a voice for my community, a fierce supporter of those in need. However, it was during my own birthing journey that I sensed a profound void, an invisibility in the presence of medical professionals. This moment ignited a fire within me, propelling me to seek a compassionate approach, a holistic sanctuary for mothers during this crucial juncture.

In this exploration, I found that my advocacy seamlessly aligned with the principles of Doula care. Fueled by determination, I pursued certification to solidify my commitment to showing up for mothers and their families. My motivation is grounded in being a catalyst for change, a tireless advocate for Black mothers, ensuring they are not just heard, but authentically seen and valued.

My approach is a sacred dance, deeply personal and attuned to the unique individual I am privileged to serve. Prenatal visits transcend formality—they are a profound exchange where I learn about the mother, her circumstances, and her unique journey. It's a collaboration—a sacred gathering where I share knowledge, provide guidance, and become an integral part of their village.

In alignment with my philosophy, I treat each client as a unique being, offering unwavering emotional support and a wealth of information from reputable holistic sources. While physical presence may vary, being fully present emotionally is where the transformative impact begins.

Beyond immediate service, my vision extends to education. I aspire to enlighten communities lacking awareness about Doula care, conveying the profound difference we can make. My goal is to establish a non-profit, a haven for those in our communities who may face barriers to Doula and postpartum care. In the interim, avenues for receiving gifts or donations are being crafted, ensuring every family feels loved, protected, and seen.

Alongside my Doula certification, my holistic journey is enriched by my roles as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Patient Care Technician (PCT), Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Certified Herbal Placenta Encapsulator, and a Certified Full Spectrum Doula with BADT. My commitment to herbalism further amplifies my ability to provide holistic support.

I'm exhilarated about the prospect of leaving a lasting impact, and my journey continues with the aspiration to build a legacy of love, support, and empowerment for every family I serve.

Who Are Doulas?

A Doula is a professionally trained person that provides spiritual, informational, and practical care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

They help your partner help you (without your partner having to be an expert on birth). They do everything in their power to help you achieve the best chance for a beautiful, informed, and empowering birth experience possible!


Earthside with Evonna Birth Services was cultivated as a way to embrace ancestral birth work and create space for families to celebrate this community supported and sacred event. Culturally speaking, Black women have always had companions with no medical training, like mothers and aunts, providing emotional support and comfort during pregnancy. Doulas are similar to these companions. Having the support of a Doula can prepare a family for some of the challenges they may experience as people of color.

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