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Meet Evonna,

The Motherhood Healer 

Evonna Christmon Marshall, affectionately known as The Motherhood Healer, stands as a luminary in the realm of maternal health, childbirth preparation, and community empowerment. She embarked on her transformative journey as a Doula with a profound vision - "to be a beacon of strength and support for black women venturing into the uncharted territory of pregnancy."

From her earliest days attending births as a student at Lane College to becoming a seasoned Certified Doula through DONA International, Evonna has dedicated herself to elevating the experiences of pregnant families in Georgia and beyond. Her relentless commitment to her craft led her to the completion of the prestigious, Homegrown Families Doula Trainings, followed by an immersive journey in Mexico into the heart of birth-work through Soul Tribe Heals Indigenous Birthworker Training led by Sistah Yaya.

In the wake of her transformative journey, Evonna has left an indelible mark on the world of maternal health:

  • She was handpicked to join DONA International's esteemed Black Mother and Baby Subcommittee, channeling her expertise into groundbreaking initiatives.


  • As a volunteer doula with Friends of Refugees, she provides invaluable doula support services, maternal wellness classes, and enlightening workshops to immigrants, nurturing the bonds of compassion and care in her community.


  • Evonna's creation of 'Help A Sista Out' Mom Talks, a free postpartum mother's support group, serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication to uplifting the lives of fellow mothers.

But perhaps, her most radiant creation is The Motherhood Moon Circle, a sacred sanctuary that bathes black mothers and pregnant women in the warm glow of sisterhood and communal growth. Within this nurturing haven, mothers cultivate stress-reduction techniques, embrace the nourishment of plant-based meal prep, engage in mindful movement, and embark on transformative journeys led by expert Doulas, Midwives, Spiritualists, and Energy Practitioners. Here, the circle pulsates with life and healing, ushering in a realm of emotional, spiritual, and practical transformations that empower new mothers to reprogram their minds and elevate their lifestyles.

As The Motherhood Healer, Evonna has already manifested a radiant legacy, where her every action and initiative become stepping stones toward a future where black mothers flourish, children thrive, and communities prosper. With unwavering dedication and boundless love, she continues to light the path for countless souls on their journeys through motherhood.

Evonna N. Christmon, outside The Motherhood Moon Circle event, fostering a nurturing space for black pregnant women and newly postpartum moms at IWI Fresh in Atlanta, GA. Images by BEMASHING.
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