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Image of a radiant black pregnant woman in a vibrant garden, embodying strength, beauty, and the transformative journey of motherhood.

The Motherhood Healing Collective

In a state where maternal healthcare disparities persist, The Motherhood Healing Collective rises as a guiding star. It represents not just a group of doulas but an ancestral network of caregivers deeply rooted in heritage. Their services extend beyond the conventional, encompassing holistic healing, nourishment, and the invaluable strength of community.

The importance of black doula work cannot be overstated, especially in Georgia. This state has been a witness to the struggles, resilience, and profound triumphs of the black community. The collective acknowledges this history and stands as a symbol of empowerment and change. It takes families' pregnancies, births, and postpartum journeys to the next level, nurturing them with cultural sensitivity, wisdom, and love.

Earthside with Evonna Birth Services and The Motherhood Healing Collective are not just about doulas and maternity care. They are about rekindling the connection to one's roots, embracing holistic well-being, and creating a legacy of strength and support for future generations. The journey has only just begun, and the future shines bright as this collective of empowered doulas continues to champion the cause of maternal health and healing in Georgia and beyond.

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Capturing the essence of Evonna N. Christmon in front of a Motherhood Moon Circle event at Iwi Fresh, Atlanta, GA. A vision of empowerment, support, and celebration for black pregnant women and newly postpartum moms.

The Motherhood Healing Collective

DONA & BADT Trained Birth Doulas

In the heart of the South, Earthside with Evonna Birth Services was founded by doula Evonna Christmon Marshall, creating a haven of holistic healing and support for pregnant, birthing, and postpartum individuals. It aims to revolutionize maternal care, nurturing families into parenthood with empowerment and a deep connection to their roots.

Recognizing the significance of black doula work in Georgia, The Motherhood Healing Collective emerged. Part of the Earthside with Evonna family, it stands as a symbol of transformative black doula agencies. Rooted in ancestral wisdom, cultural bonds, and holistic care, the collective addresses maternal healthcare disparities, offering services that extend beyond the conventional, embracing cultural sensitivity and community strength. Together, these entities rekindle connections to heritage, promote holistic well-being, and create a legacy of support for future generations in Georgia and beyond.


Evonna N. Christmon at The Motherhouse of Sistersong, attending an Aspiring Birthworkers Workshop in 2017. A snapshot of dedication to birthwork, advocacy, and community empowerment with Earthside with Evonna Birth Services.

  • Postpartum Doula, National Black Doulas Association

  • Black Mother & Baby Committee, DONA International

  • Volunteer Doula and Workshop Facilitator, Friends with Refugees

  • TransMasculine Chest/Body Feeding & Lactation

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Crisis Intervention Team

Trainings & Community Work:

Our Certifications:

  • Certified Doula (CD)DONA International

  • CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator

  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Labor With Kaci

  • Certified Community Counselor (CCC), Southern California Counseling Center

What We Specialize In

Meaningful Birth Support

Herbal Placenta Encapsulation 

Intentional Postpartum Care

Building Motherhood Communities

Interactive Childbirth Education 

Capturing the precious essence of a newborn black baby during a homebirth—a moment of pure joy, warmth, and the beginning of a beautiful journey into the world.

Culturally speaking, Black women have always had companions with no medical training, like mothers and aunts, providing emotional support and comfort during pregnancy. Doulas are similar to these companions. Having the support of a Doula can prepare a family for some of the challenges they may experience as people of color.

"My experience with Evonna was more than I expected. She helped me prepare for the delivery I desired with prenatal yoga, Mama Talks with other moms, and childbirth education classes to keep me informed. All of those things allow me to say I had my baby in CONFIDENCE and the way I wanted.


I also purchased the Help A Sista Out postpartum kit that included my placenta encapsulation capsules, tincture, umbilical cord keepsake, postpartum herbal soak, and homemade nipple balm. You can't get any better than that!"

- Dymond Epps

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