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Meet Evonna,
The Motherhood Healer 

DONA Trained Birth Doula

"I am Evonna N. Christmon, affectionately known as The Motherhood Healer. My work passionately centers maternal health, childbirth preparation, and community services. I became a doula offering solutions for black women navigating uncharted territory as a newly pregnant person. I thrive when educating new families, sharing beneficial laboring skills, and illuminating the energy of ease while showing up for my clients. I proudly 'doula this' work because many women benefit from experiencing nonjudgemental care and information that encompasses everything you need to know about pregnancy and childbirth."


Evonna goes on to say, "I care about the health and wellness of pregnant people, especially black women that aren't privy to such imperative prenatal education and resources. My goal as your doula is to create more brave opportunities for you to gather in groups and learn together, connect, share information, and be empowered to birth the way you desire as much as you can."


"I hope to inspire person after person to add me to their birth team so that you leave your pregnancy journey feeling more knowledgeable, at peace, and empowered while transitioning into motherhood."

Evonna N. Christmon

Evonna N. Christmon, Black Doula in Atlanta, The Motherhood Healer,  and owner of Earthside with Evonna Birth Services. Photographer: Brandon Marshall, Bemashing LLC.

[Video]: Who Are Doulas?


What Is A Doula

A Doula is a professionally trained person that provides spiritual, informational, and practical care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

They help your partner help you (without your partner having to be an expert on birth). They do everything in their power to help you achieve the best chance for a beautiful, informed, and empowering birth experience possible!


Earthside with Evonna Birth Services was cultivated as a way to embrace ancestral birth work and create space for families to celebrate this community supported and sacred event. Culturally speaking, Black women have always had companions with no medical training, like mothers and aunts, providing emotional support and comfort during pregnancy. Doulas are similar to these companions. Having the support of a Doula can prepare a family for some of the challenges they may experience as people of color.

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